Friday, January 25, 2008


The paperback version of "The Laugh & Times of Mushy,"my other book, is up and ready at

As I've said, it's a compilation of blog post from Mushy's Moochings (Also known as a blook!). This blog was started in early 2006 with the express intention of leaving some documentation of "who and what" I am/was to my children and grandchildren.

I was thrilled to find out that my memoirs were of interest to many other bloggers, and especially to those I have listed in my "blogrolls," which is really a list of all the new friends I made while engaged in this project.

With that said, I want everyone to know that you should feel no obligation to buy the new "self-published" book. After all, you have been privy to the posts as they happened! Therefore, please do not get the impression I am pushing this off on you. (Shhhhh, maybe folks just now arriving will be interested!)

The "proof copy" in hard cover, arrived a few days ago and I was thrilled with everything but the back cover. I have made some revisions, added a few more chapters, and I have admit the two (including Cross+Hairs) look pretty good sitting here on my desk!

Inside the latest, you will find over 113,000 words, 311 pages, made up of over 124 chapters, most of which were posted here.

Anyway, I wanted you all to know!

Thanks for your faithful following here!

Love you all...meant it!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Cheryl, author, and the owner of three blogs of her own, has given me a great compliment today by posting a wonderful synopsis of "CROSS+HAIRS" on her blog BLOOKING CENTRAL!

Please check it out by clicking on the embedded link and tell her I sent you!

Thanks once again Cheryl!